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Peugeot officially reveal the RCZ-R for 2014


In Peugeot news today we are happy to report that the big brand manufacturer has officially revealed their brand new RCZ-R model set for 2014, including its price and launch date here in the UK. Over the years Peugeot have produced some truly fantastic cars and the RCZ-R is not expected to be any different in terms of the manufacturer's previous success. The latest from french dealer Peugeot, is the first car to hit global stock markets from them in the sports range since 2010, at that point Citroen had released their sporty DS3 model.


What features and parts make the RCZ-R worth owning?


Well considering this is the first main sport style vehicle from Peugeot in the past three years, the french firm really need to pull something out of their hats, in order to rival some big time players in the global car market in this day and age. We think that the company have put in some truly great tricks and tools into the vehicle to make the RCZ-R the must own vehicle of 2014.


Some of these parts are: Its 1.6 litre petrol engine with reinforced engine block designed to allow the RCZ-R to hit from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of 5.9 seconds. It comes complete with forged pistons and a redesigned gearbox. The latest addition to the sports side of Peugeot also comes with: An overhauled chassis from their last model, Anti roll bars, a pre installed larger intercooler system, designed to keep the engine ticking over nicely. All to be topped with its 19 inch alloy wheels and its fixed rear wing for the vehicle designed to obtain agility, giving the driver a smoother experience.


When does Peugeots RCZ-R go on sale and at what price tag?


We are pleased to report that Peugeot have released their official launch date for RCZ-R, and it is set to arrive in you nearest Peugeot dealership in January 2014. As for the price tag of the RCZ itself, nothing has been officially confirmed from Peugeot as of yet, but the rumoured price is set to be at around £32,500 for the latest from Peugeot, the RCZ-R.